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Documentation > Getting Started > Updating a windows template

Updating a windows template

1. Fully update windows, ccleaner, chromium and spybot anti-beacon.
2. Download the latest virtio driver pack. Install the latest qemu agent. In Device manager, update the network card (NetKVM) and the Balloon Driver (also requires replacing C:\windows\blnsrv.exe with the latest version)
3. Restart a few times to make sure windows is actually fully updated (keep checking each time).
4. Run ccleaner
5. Delete windows update files at C:\Windows\SoftwareDistrobution\Download\
6. Run WinSXS (to minimize the size of windows after updates)
7. Run Defrag
8. Make any final improvements you wish.
9. Most importantly, run chkdsk /f c: (then gracefully reboot, watch the chkdsk complete through KVM)
10. Run chkdsk a SECOND time, reboot, watch to make sure it completes. If you don't chkdsk twice you may have issues with your template not showing the correct disk space available.
11. After the 2nd chkdsk is complete and windows has started again, do a clean graceful shutdown.
12. At this point you are ready to do the create template procedure from the control panel. VirtPanel will minimise the image and re-package the template for you.

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