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VirtPanel Installation

VirtPanel is hosted in the cloud for you and does not require any installation on your servers. This provides a combination of immediate security patches and less overhead.

Our hypervisor is Debian 8. Click here for the commands to configure Debian 8 to be ready for VirtPanel.

How does this work?

We host the GUI, which is usually referred to as the "Master Server".

The GUI connects to your servers using SSH. This completely eliminates the need to install our software onto your "Slave Servers".

How do I connect to my master server?

When you signed up, you specified a subdomain to use. For example, mydomain.virtpanel.com

You can access your control panel at your subdomain. The default username is admin and the password was emailed to you.

Go to Servers and click Add. Configure the name, IP address and save. At the bottom of the server settings page there is an SSH key command to copy and paste onto your server. Once you paste this through SSH onto your server, VirtPanel can now authenticate through SSH to manage your server.

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